Why have disposable e-cigarettes become the perfect replacement for regular cigarettes and vapes? It's simple. Now the world is dominated by simplicity, convenience, and most importantly saving time, so disposable electronic cigarettes are becoming increasingly popular.

Let's take a closer look at the pros of Masking cigarettes.

  • The device its appearance and size resembles a real cigarette;
  • The disposable device does not need refilling or recharging;
  • Leaves no smell;
  • Ideal for traveling or traveling;
  • Easy to use, as you can use immediately after purchase;
  • A variety of Masking flavors;
  • Available in almost any store;
  • The device easily fits in any pocket.

How do disposable electronic cigarettes Maskking work?

The principle of the Maskking robot is very simple, as there are no buttons and you can use the devas immediately after purchase. You just take the Maskking out of the box. The first puff activates the heating sensor and the delivery of nicotine occurs during the puff. Number of puffs of Maskking is equal to two packs of cigarettes.

But do not forget that you need to follow the safety rules of using the device

  • Do not overheat the device, you may lose battery capacity;
  • Do not overcool the e-cigarette - sharp decrease in battery capacity;
  • Do not open the device yourself;
  • Keep away from water - possibly flood the heater.